pick it up


POLENTA FRIES,  chipotle puree   6

green chile QUESO FUNDIDO, braised pork, pickled chile fresno & shaved radish, cilantro, flour tortillas   9

cardamom & orange-glazed DENVER RIBS, mint salad, caramelized carrot purée, pistachio  15

with toast

seasonal FOREST MUSHROOMS, tarragon, housemade creme fraiche, poached egg  14

WAGYU STEAK TARTARE, fried capers, dijon, egg yolk  16

baby carrot & tuscan kale PANZANELLA, ricotta salata, basil, charred blood orange vinaigrette  8

chicken TIKKI MASALA, medjool dates, cotija cheese, spiced pita chips  9

forks, spoons & knives

YELLOWFIN TUNA TARTARE, sour cream & onion dip, cucumber, housemade potato chips  12

charred BROCCOLI, tahini butter, greek yogurt sauce, nigella seeds  8

goat & bison stuffed CABBAGE ROLLS, spicy tomato sauce, creme fraiche  10

parisienne GNOCCHI, shaved brussels sprout & kale, maple bacon, parmesan, pecan dust 16

roasted BRUSSELS SPROUTS, red onion jam, pt. reyes bay bleu cheese  9

duck confit CAVATELLI, crispy duck skin, parmesan, poached egg  12

pan-seared DIVER SCALLOPS, fried plaintain, pineapple & bacon jam, romesco  16

PRIME STRIP LOIN, brown butter, balsamic reduction 19


CHOCOLATE, tuscan olive oil, sea salt, toast  8

PB&J BREAD PUDDING, concord grape jam, peanut butter whipped cream  8

buttermilk PANNA COTTA, chamomile caramel, garam masala cookie  7

thank the kitchen team
with a six pack  10 


chef joanna stachon

A native of Chicago’s South Side, Chef Joanna Stachon joined the Ada St. team immediately after opening in March of 2012. Prior to her most recent appointment, Joanna held the role of Sous Chef at Ada Street for the last two years under former Executive Chef Zoe Schor. Joanna has been a key member of the Ada Street culinary team since they opened 3 and a half years ago, and credits the collaborative environment of the Ada Street kitchen with making her the chef she is today.

Joanna hails from Chicago’s south side and started her career in Greek diners near her home, before briefly attending Southern Illinois University while pursuing a major in philosophy. However, the call of the kitchen finally won out and she enrolled in culinary school at the Illinois Institute of Art. Following graduation, Joanna has held a role of butcher at both Artisanal and Publican Quality Meats as well as various positions at Ada Street.

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